3D Archery Shoots

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Food and Drink avaiable, and water on the course.

Course wooded, approx. 1/2 mile in length.

Four elevated stands w/ 2 shots at each.

Times each day; 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

These are “practice” shoots, not competition.

The paper course is closed during 3-D shoots, the practice area is open.

Archery Range Rules


  • Follow ribbons and/or signs  -  Orangefor 3-D and Yellow for paperDo not back track through either course!!!!!!
  • If you should miss a target be sure your bow or someone is at the front of the target while you look for your arrow.
  • Do not delay others, allow them to shoot through then continue looking for your arrow or continue shooting the course.
  • Before you shoot, be sure the target is both legal and safe and that the path to and beyond the target is clear and safe.
  • If there are others using the practice range, limit the number of arrows you shoot to three (3).
  • DO NOT shoot broadheads at paper, bag or 3-D targets.  Broadheads may be used on the practice range only if there is a designated broadhead target.  During legal hunting seasons members may hunt on the archery range but do this at your own risk, the range is open for practice year round except during a scheduled shoot.
  • Enter elevated platforms at your own risk.  Do not lean on railings and be extra careful of your footing during wet conditions.  Use the hand rail when ascending and descending the platform.  Use the “haul line” for your bow if available. 
  • NO ONE under the age of 16 is permitted on any of the Association’s ranges at any time unless accompanied by a member parent or guardian who is 18 years of age or old.  The member parent or legal guardian is totally responsible for the safety and conduct of the youth with them.  Exception:  during events open to the public the parent or legal guardian does not need to be a member.
  • DO NOT LITTER.  Broken arrows left on the course are considered litter.  If you can carry it out full or intact you surely can carry it back empty or broken!!!!!!!!!
  • If you should find someone else’s arrow (s) please bring them to the archery building and lay them on one the tables or shelves.
  • DO NOT move targets, shooting stakes or cut/trim brush or alter the range in any other manner.  After pulling arrows be sure the paper targets are secured to the bails and 3-D targets are secured to the ground or platform and are put together properly