Gun Range Rules

No exploding targets of any kind are allowed on the range. If you are found shooting exploding targets, your membership WILL be revoked! No question asked!

Rifle Range Rules

1.        All ranges are controlled by the light and buzzer system.  Both sides (1000 yard & 500 yard) of the range is consider ONE

            a).       All ranges commence firing and cease firing simultaneously .

            b).       Everyone is responsible for safety. ANYONE may call for a cease-fire by sounding the buzzer.              

2.        The Buzzer is used to gain the attention of the firing line.  Determine the reason for the buzzer and act accordingly.  CEASE
           FIRE! Make firearms safe! Find out why the buzzer sounded.

3.        Buzzer must sound in conjunction with the light being turned on.

            a).       RED LIGHT FLASHING:  CEASE-FIRE, open actions, unload Firearms, no handling of Firearms and stand clear
            of the firing line.  Handling of Firearms or equipment on the firing line is NOT permitted under the cease-fire light. 

            b).       RED LIGHT TURNED OFF:  All clear and commence firing. Everyone should ensure that down range is clear and
            safe.  LOOK carefully between the poles.

4.        You may bring your firearms to the line anytime except an EMERGENCY CEASE-FIRE.  As long as the Firearms are
           made safe by removal of the bolt, open breech or open breech with indicator as in semi-autos.

            a).       Everyone shooting is responsible for making sure the red light is used and everyone has a chance to post their target               and take it down when they are finished shooting.

            b).       The light system is also in effect before and after shooting hours.

            c).       All Firearms must be unloaded and actions shall remain open except when in use on the range when the red light is                 off.

5.        Hearing and eye protection are required in the general area.

6.        Targets

            a).       All targets must be placed on and fastened to the target boards provided.

            b).       Targets are commercially printed or handmade lightweight cardboard or paper, steel plates that are hung on your
poles.  No targets are to be hung on the backboards where the posts or cross boards will be shot.  SHOOTING

            c).       Firing at objects other than described is prohibited. ANYONE SHOOTING GLASS OF ANY KIND WILL LOSE
            THEIR MEMBERSHIP.  

            d).       "Cross Firing" or shooting across lanes is prohibited.

            e).       No incendiary or armor piercing ammunition is to be used.

            f).        All targets are to be removed when you are finished shooting.

7.        Recommended relay time is 20 minutes.

8.        NEVER POINT FIREARMS AT ANYONE! This includes when you place or remove Firearms from the firing line.

9.        Clean up and dispose of your spent casing shells and trash.

10.      Brass in front of the shooting area or benches should be picked up during a safety light ONLY.

11.      Scavenging for used bullets behind target frames is prohibited.

12.      All firing must be done from established firing lines and safe areas to shoot prone, kneeling and standing.

13.      Misfired ammunition: Treat with caution.  Cartridges that fail to fire must NOT be disposed of anywhere on the grounds
           including trash and rubbish bins.  You are responsible for your own misfired ammunition.

14.      A muzzleloader is considered unloaded when the powder has been spend from the barrel.

15.      Never prime or cap a muzzleloader until reaching the firing line.

Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association General Rules


2.        Current Membership cards must be displayed with number visible while using the premises.           

            a).       Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st.

            b).       Only members and registered, paid Guests of Members (one Guest per Member present) may use these ranges except
            for special events with Board approval.

            c).       All children must be under the direct supervision of a parent or adult.           

      a) Rifle, pistol, trap, five stand and shotgun pattern board.
          Weekdays and Saturdays: Sunrise to Sunset.
           SUNDAYS: 1:00 PM to SUNSET
      b) Archery: Daily: Sunrise to Sunset.

4. Board of directors must approve all organized shoots.

5. Worn side arms must comply with Pennsylvania State Law.

6. Speed limit on club grounds is 20MPH as this is for the safety of all members.

7. Park vehicles in parking lot and designated areas.

8. Destruction or mutilation of club property shall be cause for appearance of the Board of Directors for disciplinary action, which
    may also be cause for arrest and prosecution. Violators will be responsible to pay for damages.

9. Any violation of club rules may be sufficient cause for disciplinary action and or arrest and prosecution.

10. Please keep grounds clean.

11. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on ranges and parking areas.

12. No smoking in the clubhouse.