LRSS – Long Range Steel Shooting




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Contact: Jesse Grove,
Phone: 814-404-5435

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As in silhouette, a match will consist of 40 shots fired for record, 10 shots at each distance and different steel gongs. The match winner will then be the competitor who rings/hits the most gongs of combined distances ( best of 40 ).

The target distances are:
850 yards 4" Gong Wildcard 2.5"
900 yards 6" Gong 2.5"
950 yards 8" Gong 4"
1000 yards 10" Gong 4"

Price per gun is $20.00 per match.

Any rifle with a caliber not larger than 338 is welcome.

Scoring will be done by the Lewis Scoring system.

Magnum Calibers may be used but no larger than .338 bullet diameter. In addition, the club reserves the right to disallow any competitor whose ammunition is found to be causing undo damage to steel gongs.

The gun rests must be two separate items not physically connected. (No lead sleds or one piece rests allowed nor may the gun be otherwise physically restricted from free recoil except by the shooters shoulder and hands.) The use of Bi pods is permitted.

As in silhouette, a shooter may have a spotter or coach to assist during the competition.

Time limit – 5 minutes to set up followed by 2 minutes for sighters – 15 seconds to load after the "Ready" command followed by 3 ½ minutes for 5 shots at the appropriate gong for record after the "fire" command. After the "Cease Fire" command, all bolts will be removed from the firearms. There will be a 6 minute break – shooters will have another 5 shot string, without additional sighters, completing that distance before leaving the line. When the shooters relay is re-called to the line he/she will advance on to the next distance gong and appropriate benches in progressive sequence until all four distances are completed.

There is a "wildcard" : A small gong that IF shot must be shot during the 3 ½ minute time period. This does not need to be shot. The Wildcard will be used as a tie breaker.