Guest Shooters

1) When A M.S.C.A. member is sponsoring a shooter, that member is totally responsible for the actions of their sponsored guest shooter. This is ONLY for shooting on ranges, hunting is NOT permitted.

2) Violation committed by Guest Shooter of the By-Laws or range safety rules will result in the punishment of the sponsoring M.S.C.A. member.

3) Only One (1) guest shooter per single M.S.C.A. membership, a family M.S.C.A. member can only sponsor two (2) adults, one (1) adult per member. (husband can have one (1) guest and the wife can have one (1) guest at the same time).  All sponsoring M.S.C.A. members MUST be over the age of eighteen (18).  A family member under the age of eighteen (18) CAN NOT sponsor a guest. The fee is Five (5) dollars per guest (example: husband has guest five (5) dollars, wife has guest five (5) dollars, equals total of ten (10) dollars for the day). This is only a One (1) day pass, from sun up to sun down. Sunday shooting rules apply if shooting on Sunday.

4) Sponsoring M.S.C.A. member must be with guest shooter always, must maintain normal conversation distance of their guest when shooting.

5) M.S.C.A. member must stop at clubhouse, fill out required documents, and deposit fees before going to any ranges.

Abuse of this program will result in termination of the program!

Mifflin County Sportsmen Association