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2024 Ground Hog Shoots

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2023 Ground Hog Shoots

APRIL 22 results
MAY 27 results
JUNE 24 results               
• 2023 Aggregate Winners
JULY 22 results
AUGUST 26 results
SEPTEMBER 23 results



April 23 results
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June 25 results                             
• 2022 Aggregate Winners
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09-25-2021 - GHS and Fun Shoot Results


April 3 results
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June 26 Results                       
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July 24 Results
August 28 Results


March 21 results
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June 27 results                            • 2020 Aggregate Winners
July 25 results
August 22 results
September 26 results

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While on Association property for a match, bolt-action firearms will have bolts remove. Slide, lever or hinged action firearms will have their actions open and a piece of cloth inserted into the action so it can be seen, and the action cannot be closed. Please keep the action of your firearm open, the magazine or clip (s) empty and carry your firearm with the muzzle pointed skywards until you are on the firing line. Once you are given the command by the “range master” to install bolts you may load your firearm, magazines, clips, etc. Once you have completed a relay, please be sure your firearm, magazine and/or magazine or clips are again made safe.
You may clean or work on your firearm during a match. These activities shall be done behind the firing line.

If, during your relay, you should have a problem with your firearm or other equipment on the bench, you may request and will receive help from the “range master” or someone he designates to help you. However you must complete your record string for that relay in the allotted time period. After the “cease fire” command for that relay is given the relay is final.

In the case of an “emergency cease fire” command, all shooters will immediately make their firearms safe and step behind the orange line which is behind their bench. Once the problem is solved the “range master” will order the relay back to their benches and the remaining time and if necessary additional time may be given to complete the relay.
All youth shooters MUST have a parent or legal guardian (18 years of age or older) with them while they are at the shooting bench or handling a firearm on the Associations property.

ALL persons on the range should have and utilize eye and ear protection during a “Commence Fire” period. This is each person’s responsibility.

1. Youth – 15 years of age and under. 2. Adult – 16 years of age and over.
NOTE: Only metallic cartridge firearms and ammunition legal to hunt groundhogs in Pennsylvania, up to and including .45 cal., will be permitted to compete.

NOTE: Weights of firearms are “as fired” during the match. Anything may be removed from the rifle or handgun to make weight and the rifle or handgun will have to be fired with those items removed. Firearms will be weighted at time of registration for each match. Spot checks may be made during each match. The weights reported by the scales of the Association will be final.

A. Factory Sporter/Varmint Class:
  1. A FACTORY RIFLE is one that has its entire original factory or the manufacturing factor replaced components and of a caliber that FACTORY produced ammunition can be purchased. “Any caliber that an individual can buy from the ammunition companies of Federal, Remington, Winchester, Norma, Hornady, or Nosler is permitted in the “FACTORY SPORTER/VARMINT CLASS”. All other calibers will need to shoot in the Custom Class. 200, 300 and 500 yds. 
    Distances to be shot in that order, using the same targets as other classes. Targets will be the same for all classes. Targets used at all distances will be the same as 2008.
  2. For this class the only modifications to the firearm that will be accepted are as follows:
  3. a. Re-crowning of the barrel.
    b. Rebluing.
    c. Refinishing the stock as long as the basic factory shape has not been altered to fit your front and back rests etc.
    d. Bedding of the action and barrel.
    e. Any triggers with safety and there is no weight limit. After market triggers allowed.
B. Custom Limited Class: - Custom built rifles weighting up to and including 17 lbs. -200, 300 and 500 yds. Distances to be shot in that order, using the same targets as other classes. Targets will be the same for all classes. Targets used at all distances will be the same as 2008.

C. Custom Unlimited Class: - Custom built rifles weighting 17.01 lbs. or more. -200, 300 and 500 yds. Distances to be shot in that order, using the same targets as other classes. Targets will be the same for all classes. Targets used at all distances will be the same as 2008.

D. AR 15 Class Unlimited (Class AR)* - May be any AR configuration, including the receiver, barrel, and stock.
Any Caliber smaller than 50cal. Bi-pod and forend adapters are permitted. Front and rear rest use is the same as the other classes.
Maximum scope magnification is unlimited.
Trigger may be altered.
Competitor must provide a brass deflector either attached to the Rifle or to the Bench. Open chamber indicators required.
Non compliance will result in disqualification.

Registration will be from 7:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Registration ends after everyone has finished the first relay. Once registered there will be NO refunds unless match is canceled. However the monies may be designated toward another scheduled match during the same year. NOTE: Each shooter must be present to register him or herself at each match. No one can register another shooter.
You will pick your relay and bench at the time you register. NOTE: The Groundhog Shoot Committee may, at its discretion, place shooters so that relays are full thus alleviating excess time for the match.
The first relay will begin at approximately 9 a.m.
Bring your firearm to the registration area so it can be checked (Factory Sporter) or weighted (Custom Limited) except for those who are shooting in an unlimited class.
For safety purposes:
Bolt-action firearms will have bolts remove. Slide, lever or hinged action firearms will have their actions open and a piece of cloth inserted into the action so it can be seen and the action cannot be closed. If two or more shooters are using the same equipment but not the same firearm, it will be their responsibility to notify the GHS committee so provisions can be made to allow both participants to shoot. This will be the only time shooters may switch relays/benches with other shooters. The scorekeeper must be notified of any and all changes before 9:00 a.m. so the target personnel can make the proper adjustments. FIREARM MAY BE SHARED WITH SHOOTERS 15 YEARS OF AGE AND UNDER.
Costs per firearm used during the match: Youth - Free, Adult – Adult $15.00 per gun.
NOTE: The last match of the year will cost $20.00/gun. The club will get $6.00 per gun. The other $14.00/per gun goes to the payout of the class winners. There will be no discounts for additional guns this match.

NOTE: The range will NOT be open for practice on the morning of the match. It is your responsibility to have your equipment ready to compete upon arrival!

Our shoots shall be fired using a sandbag or sandbags to support the fore end of the firearm. The sandbag or sandbags may be supported on a pedestal. NOTE: The new front rests that have rollers may be used. Bipods may be used. Which ever front rest (excluding the bipods) a shooter chooses to use, the firearm must be able to be picked up without the rest moving in any direction. A rear rest, using a sandbag or sandbags to support the butt stock of the rifle between the rear of the pistol grip and the toe of the butt stock is allowed. Neither rest may be attached to the bench. Hart type “Accuracy Asset” devices may be used on the firearm. NO ONE PIECE RESTS WILL BE ALLOWED!
RULES: Rifles and handguns:
FACTORY – Any normal factory produced rifle. No semi or auto type actions.
CUSTOM – Any rifle specially made by a factory or otherwise. No semi or auto type actions. Factory & Custom - Any sights and action which are legal to hunt with in Pennsylvania may be used. Spotting scopes, binoculars etc. may be used by the shooters and those who will assist during the setup period, sighter and record shots.
Each match will consist of three distances for each competitor. You will maintain your relay and bench number for each of the three distances. You will be permitted 2 minutes of set-up time once you are given the command to take your seat.
You will be permitted unlimited, spotted sighter shots at each distance but ONLY five shots on your record target. Relay time limits are as follows: Closest distance – 6 minutes. Intermediate distances – 7 minutes. Longest distance – 9 minutes. It is the responsibility of each competitor to watch their own target. No penalty will be accessed for admitting to an accidental crossfire.
In the case of crossfire or any other discrepancies the decision of the target committee is final. If there is no identifiable crossfire the lowest five shots on the target will count towards the score.
   1. If another competitor admits to cross firing, and at that time the range officer positively identifies the shot the crossfire will not count.
   2. If the crossfire can be identified by a clear difference in bullet diameter it will not count.
   3. Any crossfire that can be positively identified by entry hole colors when the same calibers are used will not count towards the score.
If your first sighter shot goes on the score target let the “Range Master” know before you shoot another shot, if you don’t, that shot will be counted as a score shot.

To preclude any problems:
Have five rounds laid out on a clean cloth to be shot at your record target and shoot your sighter shots from your ammo box or block.
Positively identify your target before pulling the trigger. (RELAY AND BENCH NO.)
Shooters may have help setting up equipment and for spotting their sighter and record shots at each distance. No one is to fire until given the command by the “Range Master”.
Immediately after you finish your record string (five shots); make your firearm safe. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Then remove your equipment from the bench. Once all equipment is removed take your rifle to a rifle rack, your vehicle or a cleaning station.
As soon as all shooters on a relay are finished shooting and have removed all of their equipment from the bench, the shooters for the next relay WILL start setting up their equipment, minus the firearm. Firearms may not be brought to the bench or handled near the firing line until ordered by the “Range Master”; he or she is responsible for the safety of the target personnel. All actions must remain open until the “Range Master” gives the order to “install bolts”!
The “scorer” will not know whose target he/she is scoring. Once scored, it will be given to the “score keeper” who will record and post the scores.
The scores for each competitor will be posted and targets may be reviewed but NOT REMOVED until the entire match is completed.
How to protest a score:
Contact the “score keeper” and inform him/her of the objection. But do not bring your target to them. Pay $5.00 to the “score keeper”. The monies will be returned and the score adjusted accordingly if the objection is up-held by the target review committee.
Target review committee:
Before the final awards are tallied the “score keeper” will have the “range master” and two competitors review the protested target (s). They will not know whose target (s) is being reviewed. Their decision will be final.
The next higher scoring line must be broken to receive that score.
In case of a “tie score” in a match (per firearms classification and age grouping):
“X’s” will be counted first. “
There can be a tie in a match if “X’s” and scores match. However in case of a match tie we will start at the longest distance with score and “X’s” and work backwards with score and “X’s” until the tie is broken. If it is still tied then we will combine the prizes and split it equally.
Longest distance group: The competitor who has the smallest group, “five shots only on the target” and “entirely within the scoring rings”, in their respective class and age grouping will receive $10.00.
Each match: Depending on the number of competitors per class and age grouping cash awards will be paid.
Any class or age grouping with less than 3 competitors in a given match will automatically be moved to the next higher class or age grouping for pay out purposes only. Aggregate scores and groups will remain in the class in which you registered.
Payouts per class and age grouping will be as follows: 3 competitors = 1 place; 4-5 competitors = 2 places; 6 or more competitors =3 places.
A minimum of one half (1/2) of the monies per match in the class and age groupings will be returned to the shooters.
There will be a four-match aggregate award given, this will be based on the first seven (7) matches only, in each firearms class and age grouping if three or more competitors have competed in the classifications.
Port-a-potties at the range and clean restrooms at the clubhouse. Breakfast, lunch and snacks available.
401 Ellen Chapel Road
Lewistown, PA 17044
From Rt. 322 – exit at the Burnham/Yeagertown exit (Clairon Inn from the East and Super 8 Motel from the West). Take the Ferguson Valley Road, which is in front of the Super 8 Motel. Stay on the Ferguson Valley Road, heading southwest for approx. 2 mi. Look for signs and the Ellen Chapel Church.
From Rts. 22/522 – turn on to Strodes Run Road at Strodes Mills. Approx. 2 mi. to the stop sign and the Ferguson Valley Road. Turn right onto the Ferguson Valley Road heading northeast. The Ellen Chapel Church is approx. 5 mi. and will be on your left. Watch for signs.
NOTE: Changes, without advanced notification, may be made by the “Groundhog Shoot” committee or by vote of the membership. Any changes will be posted at the registration building prior to the shoot following the change.


Mifflin County Sportsmen’s Association General Rules

1. SAFETY & Courtesy first!

2. Current membership cards must be displayed with number visible while using the premises.
   a) Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st.
   b) Only members may use these ranges except for special events
         with board approval.

3. Close and lock the gate when entering or leaving club property.

4. All junior members must be under the direct supervision of a
parent or an adult.

      a) Rifle, pistol, trap, five stand and shotgun pattern board.  Weekdays and Saturdays: Sunrise to Sunset.  SUNDAYS: 1:00 PM to SUNSET
       b) Archery: Daily: Sunrise to Sunset.

6. Board of directors must approve all organized shoots.

7. Worn side arms must comply with Pennsylvania State Law.

8. Speed limit on club grounds is 20MPH as this is for the safety of all members.

9. Park vehicles in parking lot and designated areas.

10. Destruction or mutilation of club property shall be cause for appearance of the Board of Directors for disciplinary action, which may also be cause for arrest and prosecution. Violators will be responsible to pay for damages.

11. Any violation of club rules may be sufficient cause for disciplinary action and or arrest and prosecution.

12. Please keep grounds clean.

13. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on ranges and parking areas.